Warner Home Video is the home entertainment division of Warner Bros. Pictures. They are headquartered in Burbank, California.



Warner Bros. Pictures was founded in 1923 by Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner. The company was a pioneer in the film industry and produced many famous movies. In 1967, Warner Bros. was purchased by Kinney National Company. By 1971, Kinney had sold off its non-entertainment assets and changed its name to Warner Communications, the foundation from which Warner Home Video was created.

Creation of Warner Home VideoEdit

Warner Home Video was created in 1978 under the name WCI Home Video. It entered the market with 20 releases on VHS and Betamax, which were packaged in large cardboard 'book boxes.' Two years later, the company changed its name to Warner Home Video. By 1981, they had switched from the book boxes to plastic clamshell cases called 'big boxes', and slipcases called 'Slipping Boxes'. In the mid-1980s, they began releasing films on LaserDisc in addition to VHS and Beta. In 1985, WHV transitioned to using slipcases for their VHS and Beta releases, and continued using this form of packaging until they swiitched to DVD.

DVD EraEdit

Video companies, such as Paramount, Universal, and Warner Home Video, among others, first started releasing films on DVD in 1997, making them one of the first major studios to do so. In 2008, they stopped using VHS altogether (Beta and LaserDisc had already been dropped) and became the first home video company to only use DVD for their new releases. 

In 2006, Warner Home Video became the first major studio to support HD DVD. The following year, they also became the last major studio to stop using HD DVD after Toshiba discontinued the format. 

Present DayEdit

Warner Home Video currently distributes films from many studios in addition to Warner Bros., including HBO, Turner Home Entertainment, MGM's pre-1986 releases, and the NFL.