Movie Bloopers is a VHS tape of movie and TV bloopers, produced in the 1980s by Viking Video. It was re-released in 1989 by HGV Video Productions.


The tape contains bloopers from 1930s and 1940s films, featuring many famous actors. It claims to be made from "top quality 35mm prints" and to 'concentrate on the stars of Hollywood's golden era.


  • This tape is HGV's only known venture into bloopers. Because they were also a licensed distributor of non-PD films, they tended to avoid such material.
  • Because of its subject matter, this tape was not subject to a rating. However, HGV warned that is was meant for mature audiences, due to some strong language.
  • It is not known whether HGV bought out Viking Video, or if they were licensed to release some of Viking's old tapes (as they were with Burbank Video.)